When you think about the most popular sports in the US, baseball will probably come up to mind. Not only is one of the most played games in the country, but the best competition of this sport takes place there as well. The MLB features the best baseball players in the world and their teams have fans everywhere. 

Franchises like the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox aren't just sports organizations and instead became brands that are well-known even for people who don't follow their games. However, baseball produces high revenues and it was usual that stadiums were at their full capacity before the pandemic. 

Still, the game has its particular rules, that many people may not understand when they try to watch any match for the first time. The word inning also possibly doesn't sound familiar if you have never been into baseball before. Don't worry, if that's the case, here we'll explain the meaning of it and how many of them are in a game.

The innings in baseball 

There are nine innings in baseball games, such as in the MLB, collegiate and minor league matches. The two teams that face each other in every baseball game take turns for offense, batting and base running, and for defense, pitching and fielding.

In one inning, there are two halves so that both sides have one turn each for batting and one for defending. The visitors are the ones who bat first, and after three outs, the turns change. If there's a tie after the nine innings, there are extra innings to decide a winning team. 

That's how many innings there are in baseball games and what they are useful for. The exciting season of the elite level of baseball in the US is coming closer as MLB 2021 Opening Day will be in April. Many teams will look to dethrone Los Angeles Dodgers in the new baseball year.