Keith Hernandez is getting his due, the New York Mets will retire his famous number 17 jersey next season. The ceremony will take place on July 9 at Citi Field in what will be an emotional day for Mets fans. Hernandez arrived in New York in 1983 and would carve out a place in Big Apple Sports forever.

In his seven seasons with the Mets, Hernandez became the rag tag bunch’s unquestionable leader and one of New York sports most recognizable faces. Known for his left-handed swing, his tough defensive plays, and his command of first base, Hernandez won over New York fans like no other.

In his time with the Mets the legendary captain won only one World Series in 1986, even he will admit it should have been more, he was a 3-time Mets all-star, and eventually was inducted in the New York Mets Hall of Fame. Here are 5 of the best moments in Keith Hernandez’s Mets career.

5.  3-5-4 double play

As rare as they come in 1986 the year the Mets won it all, Hernandez completed the double play by getting to a Carl Willis bunt and firing to third base to get the runner out.

4. 1,000th RBI in 1988

Hernandez got his 1,000th career RBI as a Met in the 1988 season, against the Atlanta Braves and with the bases loaded he hit a grand slam to right field off of Charlie Puleo.

3. All-Star Met

Hernandez was an example of leadership and tenacity, and it can best be summed up in his three All-Star appearances as a Met in 1984, 1986, and 1987. Hernandez was a top first baseman and he showed it in the league’s mid-season big stage.

2. 2,000th career hit

Against the Chicago Cubs in September of 1987 the team captain would obtain his 2,000th career hit with an infield single, it was his third hit of the game and a milestone for the Mets captain.

1. Game 7 comeback

In 1986 the Mets were once again 3-0 down to the Boston Red Sox, the captain needed to come up big, and he did, hitting a two-run single in the bottom of the 6th of Game 7 to get the Mets on the board. They would go on to win the series and become a team of New York legend.