For years, people have speculated whether Giannis Antetokounmpo will finish his career with the Milwaukee Bucks. He's shown no signs of wanting to leave, and he led them to an NBA championship just a couple of years ago.

Even so, people wonder whether he'll get tired of playing for a small market team, or if he'll look to pursue a new, tougher challenge somewhere down the line. He's been around for some time now, but he's still young and just entering his prime.

So, all things considered, and judging by his personality and just the feel of it, NBA analyst Jay Williams believes that somehow, some way, someday, the Greek Freak will arrive in the Big Apple to play for the New York Knicks.

NBA News: Jay Williams Thinks Giannis Antetokounmpo Will Join The Knicks

"The Garden is such a different vibe, man. It's such a different energy. It just feels so lit," Williams started. "When you're there, it just feels different. Giannis supposedly has a documentary that's supposed to be coming out that goes deeper into his background and who he is and where he's going."

"And this isn't me trying to take Giannis off of the Milwaukee Bucks and put him on a team,2 Williams added. "I know he has a five-year deal worth $228 million but he will have an opt-out in a couple of years and there is something interesting about the immigrant background of how Giannis plays. You feel like he plays for his family, he plays for something so much bigger than himself. and then understanding New York and Madison Square Garden. When I think about Giannis, he is not afraid to say, 'I want that.' And none of the media stuff would bother him because it feels like there is a sleeping giant on 33rd and 8th that nobody wants to know. He just feels right there..."

Of course, that doesn't mean that Giannis will one day wake up and say 'Hey, I'm joining the Knicks!' It's not as simple as that, but if there's something Knicks fans can always hold on to, that's hope.