Ja Morant's situation has been all over the news lately, and rightfully so. Not every day one of the rising stars of the NBA gets suspended for flashing guns on social media, especially with the playoffs in sight.

Morant will reportedly be away from the team indefinitely. He headed out to Florida to get counseling, and he vowed to find better ways to cope with stress and his emotions before coming back.

So, now that all eyes are on him, Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George got brutally honest when sharing his thoughts on the situation, urging the young point guard to stay away from those negative friendships.

Paul George Addresses Ja Morant's Situation

“One thing I don’t want him to be is not himself. We got to respect who he is as a person, so I don’t want him to now shape to be someone that he’s not just because the microscope is on him,” George said on his podcast.

“He’s gonna have to cut ties with some people," PG continued. "I think as a young kid that’s maturing, growing up, and becoming a man, you’ll realize some people are good for you and some people aren’t. And that’s a part of life. No love lost. It’s part of maturation as a man like you wanna grow. The plan is to always grow, and so I think he’s going through that phase and understanding that like, ‘I can’t have the influence that I have around because I’m someone that’s putting the influence on the next generation. But it’s love here kid. We stand behind you, on your future.”

Everybody in the league is rooting for Morant. All we can hope is that he makes the most of this second chance he's about to get, as it would be a huge shame to see him put all that talent to waste.