The Hawks did the impossible during the regular season to qualify for the playoffs, at the end of the regular season they had a 41-41 record.

But things are not going as they planned in the postseason as Game 5 could be the last for them in the current 2023 NBA Playoffs.

Murray was one of the key players who played for the Hawks during the regular season and thanks to him the Hawks were able to qualify for the postseason. But he won't be playing in Game 5.

Why Dejounte Murray isn't playing against Celtics in Game 5?

Murray is not playing since he is suspended by the league, he will be the only player who will not be available for this NBA Playoffs Game 5 against the Celtics. The rest of the Hawks players are healthy and available.

The Hawks are down in the series 1-3, they need to win this game to come home and try to tie the series, the Hawks' hope is Game 7 on the road.

With Murray gone, the Hawks will be without one of the players who was averaging 25.3+ points per playoff game.