The Golden State Warriors were going through quite a rough patch lately. They dropped four straight games and were out of the playoff picture, sliding all the way to the 9th spot in the Western Conference.

More than that, it seemed like the Warriors weren't even competing anymore. The Los Angeles Clippers were completely blowing them out and Stephen Curry simply lost his cool, calling his teammates out on the sidelines mid-game:

"It's always about what's happening in the moment. That's just basketball. Trying to bring competitiveness and leadership in different type of ways," the 3-time NBA Champion said about his viral video going at his teammates.

Draymond Green Says Stephen Curry Inspired The Rest Of The Team

But rather than killing his teammates' confidence, what Steph did was actually motivate them to try and be the best version of themselves. That hunger was in full display last night, when they beat the league-leading Utah Jazz at home.

According to Draymond Green, the fact that those young players grew up watching him play and know that he's not used to being so loud and outspoken made the rest of the team take a hard look in the mirror and bring their A-Game:

“These guys have grown up watching Steph and so when you hear his voice it carries a lot of weight and I think that showed tonight on the defensive end. (...) Tonight, I think we could see that from the beginning of the game. We were into the ball and it changed the entire game," Green said, as quoted by Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

The Warriors are expected to make some moves ahead of the trade deadline to try and give Steph more help, as they're right on the edge of making the playoffs and could be a dangerous team in a seven-game series.