It will probably be hard for the Miami Heat to set up such a powerful team like they did a decade ago, when they put together a mighty big three by landing LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and re-signing Dwyane Wade.

And given the strength the Heat had by then, it feels like they could have won more than two NBA championships. But it's not like Miami did bad in those years, quite the contrary. They made it to four straight finals during the Heatles era, and winning half of those is still a great outcome.

But people will always wonder what could have been should the Big Three didn't break up in 2014, when LeBron returned to Cleveland. Many believe that should James had stayed, the Heat would have won more titles. Dwyane Wade, however, wouldn't be so sure about that.

Dwyane Wade suggests Heat wouldn't have had it easy even if LeBron stayed

During his appearance in an episode of the Jalen Rose: Renaissance Man podcast, The Flash admitted that he's not sure that the Heat would have won more rings if LeBron continued in Miami. "I don’t know. I don’t know. That Golden State [Warriors] team was right on our heels," said Wade, as quoted by Fadeaway World. "I really don’t know. I wasn’t in my prime anymore.

"I was outside of my prime about 2014. So, that would have made it hard for us to really win if I was still going to be a big part of it," he continued. "Chris Bosh not knowing what he was going to be dealing with later, he was in his prime and LeBron was in his, but I wasn’t in mine anymore.

"And it would have made it tough to keep going, so I would have really had to find health in a big way very quickly to keep competing at that level and because my body was going through so much."

So, Wade has not only mentioned the Warriors as an emerging competitor but also said his best days were behind him. However, the basketball community - and especially Heat fans - will probably keep on asking itself that big question regardless. The only thing that's for certain is that things have not been the same for the Heat since then, although with Pat Riley in the front office they continued being competitive.