The Milwaukee Bucks are in huge trouble. They trailed for most of Game 2 of the NBA playoffs vs. the Miami Heat and it seems like they just can't catch a break. However, their close and heartbreaking loss in Game 2 was a treasure for the internet, as it led to some of the funniest memes and reactions you'll ever see.

The Bucks managed to tie the game with quite a controversial foul called on Goran Dragic. Khris Middleton sank three free throws to tie the game at 114 after trailing for 6 points with few seconds left in the clock.

Miami had a couple of seconds left in the clock and Milwaukee managed to trap Jimmy Butler in the corner. Butler, who's not a good three-point shooter, fired a prayer that was nowhere near close to the rim but Giannis Antetokounmpo seemed to foul him after closing out to help Wesley Matthews.

The - controversial - ruling on the field was that Butler had to take a couple of free throws with no teams lining up and no time left on the clock, meaning that knocking down one of the two freebies gave his team the win.

Needless to say, a merciless Jimmy Bulter left nothing to chance and sank both shots from the charity stripe to drop the Bucks to a 0-2 hole. Here, we'll show you the funniest memes and reactions from Giannis' defensive meltdown and that controversial call.

Funniest memes and reactions from the Bucks' epic loss to the Heat in the NBA playoffs

The Bucks had the best record in the regular season but have struggled to live up to that standard in the playoffs. Mike Budenholzer somewhat refuses to play the reigning MVP (who's just 25 years old) more minutes and his rotations have been a disaster thus far.

Now, the Bucks are on the verge of another disappointing playoff exit. This time, however, it could mean the end of the Giannis Antetokounmpo era, as there's growing speculation of him leaving the team if they don't make the Finals this season. At least we got a good laugh and NBA Twitter stays undefeated.