Giannis Antetokounmpo is already a Hall of Famer. Despite his age, he's won nearly every single award an NBA player can win, and he's only getting better. Yet, no one seems to talk about him as much as they talk about other stars.

That's one of the things that come with playing for a small-market team. But he's the reigning champion and has been lights out throughout the whole season. If anything, he would've been named MVP every other season.

So, after watching The Greek Freak dominate almost at will throughout the playoffs, a former NBA player shared a not-so-bold take. Per Kendrick Perkins, Giannis is headed to the league's Mount Rushmore.

Kendrick Perkins Says Giannis Could End Up On The NBA's Mt. Rushmore

"We gotta start appreciating the greatness of Giannis Antetokounmpo," Perkins said. "That was a LeBron James type of performance in the playoffs in the Garden. To walk into that hostile environment without one of your key guys in Khris Middleton and go in there and give them a 40-piece wing dinner, all-flats lemon pepper style and to do it in great fashion."

"And to take that three-point shot," Perkins continued. "We talk about everything Giannis can't do, we talked about him when he couldn't shoot free throws and was afraid to get to the line, he did that. And look at that moment, Giannis is not taking that shot last year. He has the confidence and when I talk about him on the verge of where he's going as far as being an all-time great and being the second greatest power forward behind Tim Duncan if he keeps this up, but we're going to have to talk about Giannis Antetokounmpo being on Mount Rushmore."

If it seems like a big statement, it's because it is. But it's not that far-fetched. We're talking about a champion, DPOY, MVP, Finals MVP, 30-point-per-game scorer who's still got at least five years left in his prime. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't dare put my money against him.