When it looked like Damian Lillard was preparing to join the Miami Heat, the Milwaukee Bucks stepped in and struck a deal with the Portland Trail Blazers to pair Giannis Antetokounmpo with the veteran guard.

Dame had made it clear his desire was to play in South Florida, where he saw a legitimate chance to succeed next to Jimmy Butler and company. However, it turns out that Portland found him another place where he can win.

The deal involved the Phoenix Suns and it cost the Bucks a number of assets, including Jrue Holiday. Therefore, the Greak Freek admitted this deal is kind of bittersweet despite it’s good for his team.

Giannis sad to see Holiday leave, but happy to have Lillard

I’m excited to have Dame,” Giannis told Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report. “He gives us a chance to win a championship. I’m excited to play with the caliber of player that he is. He can score the ball in his sleep and shoot the lights out.”

Lillard’s arrival puts the Bucks in a position to succeed again, which is exactly what Giannis wants, as he said this offseason. However, losing a great teammate such as Holiday is still tough for him.

It’s a bittersweet day for the city of Milwaukee,” Giannis added. “You get Dame, who is a great player, but you lose a great guy. Jrue took us to the promised land. I’m 10 years in now. I know it’s a business. At the end of the day, Jrue will alway be be my brother for life. He’s one of the best human beings I’ve been around. But we’ve got to focus on the goal to win the championship. Dame wants this. He’s hungry to win, and he’s going to push us. I’m very happy to have him on our team.”

No one saw this coming, but it completely makes sense. The Bucks get to give Giannis what he wants, which is help to win more championships, and Lillard finally belongs to a team that can seriously contend.

How many years has Lillard spent in Portland?

Damian Lillard spent 11 years with the Portland Trail Blazers, who drafted him sixth overall in 2012.