Well, it seems like James Harden finally got his way, proving once again that the NBA will always continue to spoil its superstars. Following weeks of tantrums - both public and private - the Houston Rockets have traded him to the Brooklyn Nets.

Until yesterday, Harden was an almost undisputed icon in H-Town. He either ranks 1st or 2nd in most stats and accolades in Rockets history, but his recent comments and attitude surely tainted his legacy at Clutch City.

Harden showed up late to training camp due to some hardcore partying. He was clearly 15-20 pounds overweight and hasn't even topped the 20 point plateau in the past four games. If it wasn't enough, he took the stand just to trash his teammates by claiming that the team couldn't be fixed.

Needless to say, that careless attitude took a massive toll on the way his fans saw him, up to the point where he's now a subject of controversies around town, with some of his former supporters bashing him on social media.

Local Business Offers Free Car Wash If You 'Trash James Harden's Jersey'

That's why a local business decided to ride the way even before he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets. Apparently, they started taking old James Harden jerseys as currency in exchange for a free car wash as a part of their 'Trash Harden Jerseys Here'.

Perhaps it's not fair to treat a player that way after he spent the past 9 years of his life playing for your team. Then again, Harden constantly failed to deliver, could never get along with other stars, and pretty much bailed on the team that gave him everything to succeed.

Now, the former MVP will be joined by Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant and playing in the weaker Eastern Conference to try and win his first-ever NBA Championship, and winning it that way isn't exactly going to help his legacy.