Years ago, the sole thought of LeBron James wearing a Los Angeles Lakers jersey was somewhat bizarre. Now, he’s an NBA champion with the Purple and Gold, and their best player since Kobe Bryant’s retirement.

James had redeemed himself in his hometown, coming back after leaving to join the Miami Heat and winning the championship he had promised those who rooted for him since day one.

That’s why it was kind of shocking to see that he was leaving again. However, in his latest appearance on Gil’s Arena, LeBron’s agent Rich Paul, finally revealed what happened and why he left the Cleveland Cavaliers: He got bored.

LeBron Joined The Lakers Because He Got Bored In Cleveland, Says Rich Paul

In our conversation it was – if anybody know him, he gets bored fast,” Paul said. “Right? And so, my conversation was, looking at the talent. At the time, they had – Jesse [Buss] had done a great job in the draft. Kuz (Kyle Kuzma), Brandon Ingram, Zo (Lonzo Ball), Josh Hart, the talent was young, but was there. If you’re going to leave Cleveland, where you going? Right?”

“Who climbs the mountaintop to come back down and have to climb the mountaintop again?” Paul added. “Now, obviously, if you go here and win, you’ve been to three different destinations and you’ve won three different places. No matter how many times you’ve been, you won.”

That’s valid, I guess. Some people get a haircut, some go shopping, some go out for a run, and LeBron moves to the West Coast. Whatever the case, Lakers fans better hope he doesn’t get bored again.