If there is one name that has become a classic in the history not only of professional basketball but of sports in general, it is that of Michael Jordan. His sporting achievements throughout his career have evolved into commercial phenomena that have made him one of the highest paid athletes in history. Undoubtedly a story worth telling. 

At 59 years old, the years when MJ literally flew over the NBA floor don't seem so far away. Still fresh are the nights when his infinite talent became the catapult for a franchise like the Chicago Bulls to leave its gray color to become the trendy team of world basketball in the 90s.

Similarly, there are other chapters of Air Jordan worth telling, such as his inclusion in the minor leagues of professional baseball, a stage in which he shone despite being one of the darkest of his sporting life. Or his couple of mythical returns to the court in which he was able to return to glory for the Bulls and bring notoriety to the Washington Wizards.

Will Michael Jordan fly to the movies?

On the streaming platform Netflix there was already an autobiographical series of Michael Jordan called The last dance. However, he has not yet made the crossover to the big screen, the so-called seventh art, the capricious world of cinema, although he has already received a serious proposal to do so.

In an interview for Sneaker Shooping, British actor Idris Elba confessed that he would have made a proposal to MJ to play him in a movie of his life that would be made into a film, in an audiovisual product that by the simple fact of being about the life of a true NBA legend would generate an almost guaranteed impact.

However, to the chagrin of the millions of fans who still fondly remember Jordan, his response was negative according to Elba, as Michael reportedly commented that he simply "doesn't feel ready yet" to see his life story in a showcase as big as the movies.