Kevin Durant's announcement was a sharp, forceful but above all unexpected blow that turned the NBA upside down. The 33-year-old shooting guard formally asked to leave the Brooklyn Nets ahead of the 2022-2023 season.... and the reactions were not long in coming. 

After a successful stint with the Golden State Warriors, Durant arrived in the Big Apple for the 2019-2020 NBA season, however, his debut came until December 2020, i.e. one season later. What he accomplished that cycle was enough for him to sign a four-year contract extension in exchange for $198 million. However, that may well have been one of the worst investments, even for Wall Street.

Kevin Durant's performance since leaving Curry, Green for the Golden State Warriors has been disappointing. Simply put, in the past playoffs, the Nets watched as, for the first time in a 14-year career, KD was part of a team that was blanked from a playoff series.

A major New York media slams Kevin Durant

It was natural. The expectation created in 2019 by the arrival of Kevin Durant to the Brooklyn Nets, and the subsequent addition of his former teammate James Harden, made the franchise dream of leaving the group of teams that have never won an NBA Championship. But the disappointment was even greater than the illusion created.

And so it was that the New York Post decided to give its back page to shooting guard Kevin Durant. In the paper, Durant's image appears accompanied by the lapidary phrase: "This man has no heart", in clear allusion to how much was expected of KD and how little, or almost nothing, he gave to the Brooklyn Nets and in general to the fans of the Big Apple.

There is speculation that Kevin Durant could play for one of the following teams for the 2022-2023 NBA season: Phoenix Suns or Miami Heat, options that Durant himself indicated as his favorite. Although a return to the current champions Golden State Warriors is not ruled out, where he would join the power of Stephen Curry and Draymond Green to aim for a possible two-time championship.