LeBron James continues to increase his brand value as Forbes recently announced that the 4-time NBA champion is the only active NBA star that is worth an estimated $1 billion. The other star to hit the billionaires list? M.J., his majesty, Michael Jordan.

James is the only active NBA player on the list and Jordan has been a billionaire 11 years after he retired. Jordan hit the billionaire status when his stake in the Charlotte Hornets increased back in 2014.

James is reported to have earned $385 million in pretax salary in his NBA career, but the rest of his wealth is due to outside the court business ventures and owning certain assets like Premier League side Liverpool.

How did LeBron James become a billionaire?

The 18-time NBA all-star began investing his money in various business ventures which include The Spring Hill Company worth 300 million. James is a part of the Fenway Sports Group: which owns the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park, and Liverpool Football Club among other properties.

James also has an estimated $80 million that comes from real estate he owns in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Akron, Ohio.

Then there is Blaze Pizza which has 300 stores in the United States and Canada. James also has investments worth around $500 million which include Beats by Dre and other companies.

James is reported to also soon have a stake in Italian Serie A soccer giant AC Milan, the group that is purchasing the club is RedBird Capital which has a stake in the Fenway Sports Group which gives the L.A. Lakers star a stake in the Italian champions boardroom now.