Even though he's been in the league for years now, Jayson Tatum has yet to turn 25 years old. He handles himself like a veteran and led the Boston Celtics to the NBA Finals, but he hasn't even reached his prime yet.

People give Tatum a hard time for his shortcomings when the season is on the line, but he's come back stronger and better every season, a trend that's not likely to change after being so close to the ultimate prize.

That's why Draymond Green believes Tatum should be on the shortlist to win Most Valuable Player next season, going as far as to say he's the best young player in the Association right now.

NBA News: Draymond Green Calls Jayson Tatum 'The Young GOAT'

"Resiliency allows teams to show their true characters, so we'll get to see the true character of the Boston Celtics led by none other than the young GOAT, young next greatest Jayson Tatum," Green said on his podcast. "I think he [Tatum] will do an incredible job adjusting to everything, going on leading his troops."

"Your only goal going into next year should be 'I'm 100% gonna be the MVP of the NBA next year.' You should be the MVP of the NBA next year." Green added. "A lot of people don't realize how young you are. I didn't either until we got to the Olympics and I'm just sitting there and we're all kicking it and some of the questions you were asking I'm like 'man.' You've been doing it at this level since you came into the league. your rookie year, which is now 5 years. And so, people tend to think, like, 'oh no you just one of us' because of the level you been doing it at."

That's a lot of praise coming from a relentless competitor and the guy who was on the other end of the court during the NBA Finals. But if someone can keep getting better and become the best player on Earth, that's definitely Tatum.