It seems like Kevin Durant can't catch a break. He's criticized and called out for everything he does or doesn't, so he might as well keep embracing that villain persona on social media. As things stand now, people don't seem to like him that much.

Whether that's fair or not is not for us to decide. But the case is that, as respected as he is on the basketball court, most fans and former players don't seem to feel the same way about him as a person.

That's why it wasn't surprising to see a former NBA coach put him on blast for his failed trade request with the Brooklyn Nets, claiming he pretty much discounted himself before having to take a U-turn.

Former NBA Coach Rips Kevin Durant For 'Sabotaging Himself':

(via Heavy)

"One former coach told Heavy Sports that Durant essentially sabotaged himself.

"The moment a player comes out and mouths those famous words: ‘Hey, man, get me the [expletive] up out of here,’ he just discounted himself,” he said. “He just hurt not only his prospect for a trade happening quickly, but he has just put his franchise in a position of losing leverage, because people think, ‘Well, I get a fire sale price, because that guy has already indicated he wants out of there.’"

"And then Kevin doubled down on the same stupidity by giving an ultimatum designed to force their hand. He don’t really feel all that badly about Sean Marks and Steve Nash. He probably really likes them. They pretty much let him have free rein of the franchise. He doesn’t really have a problem with them. But he knew that he was looking for another leverage point to give them greater urgency to trade him even at a discounted price. So he came out with this ultimatum, and Joe Tsai looked at him and said, ‘Nah, bruh. Sorry. Not going to happen.'”


So, KD gets heat for wanting to leave, and he gets even more heat for deciding to stay. At this point, it just feels like hating. However, it's not like he hasn't brought that on himself with his attitude and constant antics.

At the end of the day, history will give Durant his rightful place as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But will he get the praise and love he earned on the court? That's unlikely.