Rachel Nichols has always been a respected and beloved member of the media around the NBA community. She's been a sideline reporter in the playoffs and the Finals and has interviewed most of the league's biggest stars.

That's why a lot of people were disappointed in her after a leaked call revealed that she was angry at ESPN for choosing African American Maria Taylor to host the NBA Finals ahead of her, claiming that it was a matter of race.

Now, however, the story has taken a drastic turn, as some people around social media claim that she hooked up with Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler last year while they were both in the bubble.

How Did This Rachel Nichols And Jimmy Butler Rumor Began?

"NBA Insider Chris Haynes reported in July 2020 that a security guard received a complaint of a “large thumping” within a bubble hotel room during the quarantine period. The guard knocked on Butler’s door and he answered, drenched in sweat, claiming he was dribbling a basketball," reported Bro Bible.

Then, someone brought up a clip of Butler's interview with Nichols in the bubble where it seemed like they were flirting, while other person posted a clip of Karl-Anthony Towns telling him to "call Rachel Nichols" after he engaged in some trash-talking with Jimmy Butler.

Conspiracy theorists went as far as to say that Nichols planted this rumor on purpose so everybody could forget about her controversial comments regarding Maria Taylor and the NBA Finals.

Did Rachel Nichols And Jimmy Butler Hook Up? Funniest Memes And Reactions

Needless to say, the rumors spread like the flu and fans flooded social media with some hilarious memes and reactions. Here, we're going to show you some of the funniest we could find:

Whether those rumors are true or not is not for us to decide or any of our business. What we can say is that the internet isn't going to let go of this theory any time soon, especially with Nichols' name in the public eye right now.