For years, fans and analysts have lauded LeBron James' durability as one of his most impressive traits. He's 36 years old and in his 18th season in the NBA, yet he continues to play at an elite level.

It's not a secret that LeBron is a privileged athlete. He's naturally fast, strong, and big; and he takes better care of his body than anybody else in the league. That's why he's still competing for an NBA championship and even an MVP at this age.

Then again, let's not act like he's getting any younger. Father time has taken a toll on him as well, and you can tell that by his receding hairline and the bald spots we occasionally get a glimpse of depending on the camera angle.

Richard Jefferson Hilariously Trolls LeBron James On Instagram Over Space Jam 2 Trailer

That's why his former teammate Richard Jefferson was completely ruthless to him, as LeBron recently posted the trailer of Space Jam 2 on his Instagram account, and it seemed like his looks were slightly enhanced.

Jefferson made fun of his 'CGI hairline' and his comments piled up as many as 12,000 likes in just under 24 hours, once again proving to be one of the ultimate trolls of the basketball community right now.

LeBron James will star in the long-awaited sequel of Space Jam, carrying Michael Jordan's torch on the big screen the same way he's done it on the basketball court over the past 18 seasons.

Sadly, tho, he hasn't been able to take the court for the Los Angeles Lakers over the past couple of weeks and will be sidelined for at least another month while he heals a high ankle injury. But hey, that will at least give him enough time to get his hairline ready for the camera.