The Golden State Warriors are far from the team they were a couple of years ago. Klay Thompson's injury has been a massive blow for them and they just can't seem to find any consistency.

Stephen Curry has been on a tear since the start of the season and posting MVP-caliber numbers. However, the rest of the team has been very inconsistent and unreliable night in and night out.

That's why Curry was so frustrated and livid at his teammates during the Warriors' blowout loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, and he was even spotted yelling at the bench during the third quarter.

Stephen Curry Reacts To His Clip Yelling At His Teammates

Curry tried to clear the air on the situation and urged people not to read too much into it, claiming that it's just something that happens in the heat of the moment when you're in a competitive team:

"It's always about what's happening in the moment. That's just basketball. Trying to bring competitiveness and leadership in different type of ways," the two-time MVP told the media on Friday.

Curry Gets Real On The Warriors' Struggles

Steph was pretty frustrated as the Warriors now ride a 4-game losing streak that has them out of the playoff picture. When asked about it, he admitted that their inconsistency has been their biggest issue thus far.

“It sucks right now. Nobody likes this feeling especially coming off the break. We’re trying to recharge and rejuvenate some energy then we come out flat. We don’t want to look back, but that Portland game hurt obviously the phoenix game we were undermanned," Curry said.

"It’s like an emotional roller coaster that you have to focus on staying even kill. That competitive fire always remains, but we’ve done a pretty good job of adjusting, we just haven’t found any consistency, and that is a frustrating thing for sure. We’re going to have to find that if we want to be a threat in the playoffs, but that’s on us to figure out," he concluded.

The Warriors still have half of the season ahead of them to make some much-needed adjustments but judging by the way their roster has looked thus far, we wouldn't be surprised if they made several trades in the next couple of weeks.