Tom Brady's retirement is going to have a huge impact on Greg Olsen. The former tight end would take a secondary role at FOX Sports once the quarterback joins them in 2024, so he has now sent him a warning for taking his broadcasting job.

In recent years, retired football players have been tempted by broadcasting networks to join them as analysts. Their expertise provides viewers with a more informed perspective on each play, given their intimate knowledge of the game.

Of course, every network was waiting for Tom Brady to retire, but FOX Sports won the race by offering him a huge contract. However, this deal will also have a significant impact on his future partner, Greg Olsen, who has already addressed the situation.

Greg Olsen has a warning message for Tom Brady, his future broadcast partner

It seems like Greg Olsen's time as FOX's No. 1 football analyst is near to end. The former Panthers player will have to give his role to Tom Brady once he joins them in 2024, but the tight end is not very thrilled about it.

"I'm not gonna roll over and die," Olsen said at a recent event, per Connor Lomis and Taylor Young of Queen City News. "I’m willing to do what these guys aren’t willing to do."

After his retirement announcement, Brady revealed he will start his broadcasting career in fall of 2024. He signed a $375 million deal with FOX Sports for 10 years, which will reduce Olsen's salary from $10 million to $3 million per year.

"Until they kick me out, I’m gonna sit there and do it," Olsen added. "Maybe he [Tom Brady] does come and take my job one day; I can live with that; I get it. I understand the rules that we all sign up for."