Lamar Jackson officially announced he wants to be traded and since that moment controversy hasn't stoppped. Though the Baltimore Ravens put a non-exclusive franchise tag on the former NFL MVP, the quarterback confirmed he requested to be out of the team since March 2.

The problem for Lamar Jackson is that there seem to be no suitors for him. After the Ravens exercised the non-exclusive tag ($32 million), the player is free to negotiate with any team in the NFL. However, Baltimore keep the right to match that offer or get in return two first-round draft picks as compensation. No calls. 

Now, the biggest argument against Lamar Jackson is his durability. Around the NFL owners, like Arthur Blank, that is the reason why the quarterback isn't pursued by any team. After hearing that, Jackson went to social media and clarified what's his status looking towards the 2023 season

NFL News: Is Lamar Jackson injured?

That's the question 'stopping' the NFL owners from a push to sign a star-caliber quarterback. Lamar Jackson is free to test the market, but gradually every available spot has been filled-in with players clearly below Jackson's potential. He took notice of that. 

"Let's get real. I rather have a 100% PCL (knee posterior cruciate ligament) than go out there and play horrible forcing myself to put my guys in a bad situation. Now that's selfish to me" were the words of Lamar Jackson on his official Twitter account.

Then, Lamar Jackson shut down any notion that he abandoned his teammates during the final stretch of the season with the Baltimore Ravens. "I don't remember me sitting out on my guys Week 1 vs Jets to Week 12 vs Broncos. How come all of a sudden I sit out because of money in which I could've got hurt at anytime within that time frame when we know the Super Bowl been on my mind since April 2018."

Lamar Jackson also made a promise that he will be sooner or later hoisting the Lombardi trophy as a Super Bowl champion. "In due time Imma hold a few of those (trophies). Hopefully I could take it home and guard it with my life."