Way back in the day, the Cleveland Browns were actually considered the best team in football. They made it to the NFL after winning four straight AAFC Championships and even won the NFL Championship on their very first season in the league.

Led by Otto Graham and coach Paul Brown, it seemed like the Cleveland Browns were poised to become one of those dominant franchises that spend most of the time on top of the league. As you may know by now, that wasn't the case.

The Browns have never won a Super Bowl and won their last title in 1964. The team has had its fair share of struggles and God knows that their fans were due for a good time after not even making the playoffs since 2002.

That's why their victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers was so important and so heartfelt. In fact, it was their first playoff victory since 1996, meaning there were 24-year old Browns fans that had never seen their team win in the postseason.

The world has come a long way since the Browns last won in the playoffs. From multiple scientific and technological breakthroughs to the rise and falls of athletes, artists, you name it. Things are way different right now. That's why today, we'll list some of the things that were going on when the Browns won their last playoff game.

How Was The World Like The Last Time The Cleveland Browns Won A Playoff Game?

+ Major League Soccer had its first season
+ Osama Bin Laden was expelled from Sudan and moved to Afghanistan
+ Pokémon was first introduced to the world
+ Princes Charles and Diana got a divorce
+ Nintendo released the Nintendo 64
+ Internet Explorer 3 browser was released
+ DVD's launched in Japan
+ Nickelodeon started airing Kenan & Kel and Hey! Arnold
+ IBM's Deep Blue defeats Gary Kasparov for the first time
+ FOX News channel debuted
+ YouTube and Google hadn't been founded
+ Bill Clinton was re-elected POTUS
+ The New York Yankees won their 18th World Series title
+ Tupac Shakur was murdered
+ Jay Z, the Spice Girls, and the Backstreet Boys dropped their debut albums
+ Independence Day, Mission: Impossible, and 101 Dalmatians were released