Tom Brady has been in the NFL for two decades. Even so, it's crazy to think that there are still some things that he'll do for the first time. That includes visiting Foxboro to play against the New England Patriots as a rival.

Brady and Bill Belichick built the strongest dynasty in the NFL during their time in the league. He became a legend and a fan favorite at Gillette Stadium. So, obviously, that game will be unique and special for him.

That's why LeBron James, who lived something pretty similar with the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers, told him that he needs to bring his A-Game to silence that crowd, as they won't make life easy on him.

LeBron James Says Tom Brady Needs To Silence The Crowd In Foxboro

"I remember that day like it was yesterday. December 2, 2010. It was rough," LeBron told Bleacher Report. "I got no sleep the night before. I already knew the adversity and how crazy it was going to be. It was very challenging ... I know Tom did so many great things down there in Foxborough, down there with the Patriots. But they're gonna root for who they root for and you know they're gonna root for the Pats. It can get a little ugly. He's got to go in there and quiet the crowd like I was able to do the night of December 2, 2010."

James left the Cavaliers on bad terms so it's not exactly like Brady's situation. He became a villain in his hometown and people booed him on his first time back, and that's not likely to happen when Tom hits the gridiron.

Even so, the eyes of the world will be set at Gillette Stadium during Sunday Night Football. It'll be the ultimate Brady-Belichick battle, and that's must-watch television even for non-football fans out there.