The Packers have received an early wake up call in the 2022 NFL season. Far from bouncing back after a shocking defeat to the Giants, Aaron Rodgers and company dropped to 3-3 after losing to the Jets at Lambeau Field in Week 6.

Green Bay is currently second in the NFC North, but with plenty of work to do ahead if it wants to challenge the division to the Vikings (5-1). One of the key areas to improve is, without any doubt, the offense.

The departures of Davante Adams and Marquez Valdes-Scantling this offseason have taken a huge toll on the Packers passing game, as Rodgers was left with a group of young wideouts. Therefore, the 38-year-old quarterback expects the team to make moves before the trade deadline.

Aaron Rodgers expects Packers to keep an eye on the market

"I trust him and his staff; if they feel like they need to add that they will," Rodgers said of Packers GM Brian Gutekunst, via ESPN. "I think there's enough on this team to be a successful team. There's the possibility, if certain guys emerge, of us having a chance to make a run. I know Brian believes the same thing. But if there's an opportunity, I would expect that Brian will be in the mix."

Aaron Rodgers knows what Packers need to do to improve in offense

Rodgers also addressed the team's offensive woes after the painful defeat to the Jets on Sunday. For him, it's not a matter of who's executing the plays, as he believes they're up to the task. Instead, it's all about simplifying things. 

"I just think that based on how we've played the last two weeks, I think it's going to be in our best interests to simplify things for everybody -- for the line, for the backs, for the receivers, especially with [Randall Cobb's] injury," Rodgers said. "Just simplify some things, and maybe that'll help us get back on track.

"Nobody works harder than Matt on the plan each week, and nobody comes with better ideas than him and his staff. But if it's not working, it's not because those guys aren't grinding. It's because we're not executing. If you think we have the right players, then we need to simplify things. If you don't, then that's a whole other conversation."

The Packers, and especially Rodgers, are certainly feeling the absence of an experienced WR this year. Therefore, it would make sense if the front office gets a deal done before November 1