Russell Wilson is one of the hottest names in the NFL right now after recent reports have suggested the player is growing unhappy with the Seattle Seahawks and as the days go by, the possibility of the quarterback leaving his team gets bigger. 

The Hawks have made it clear that they don’t plan to deal the player to any other team in the league but that hasn’t prevented the rest of the franchises to try to get the talented signal-caller via trade. 

Several teams have been linked with the 32-year-old in the past couple of weeks but nothing is clear for them now. Yet, more teams keep adding their names to the list of suitors for Wilson and there is one that could make a run for this player when nobody expects them to do so. 

Denver Broncos could make a run for Russell Wilson this offseason 

Jon Heat of Broncos Wire recently addressed Wilson’s situation and how the Hawks are handling things right now. The team isn’t entertaining the idea of trading their franchise player away but teams are ready to snatch him if they have the chance, including the Denver Broncos

Recently, Mike Silver revealed the Seahawks’ asking price for the player, which consists of three first-round picks to start. The NFL Network reporter said that at least a third of the league contacted the 2014 Super Bowl champions. 

“The Seahawks are staying quiet, but internally they got the message. They’re not thrilled that their quarterback felt that way and teams have been calling,” Silver said during an appearance on NFL Network on Monday. “Probably a third of the league have reached out to inquire about Russell Wilson.”

Heath made the case for the Broncos, explaining that the AFC team is ready to pursue a big name in the offseason and Wilson fits the profile of player they’re planning to get in the upcoming months. 

The Denver Broncos are expected to pursue big-name quarterbacks this offseason, and Wilson certainly fits that category. The 32-year-old QB defeated Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII and he has reached the Pro Bowl eight times in his career. Wilson threw 40 touchdown passes last season. If the Seahawks decide to trade Wilson, the Broncos might be a team to watch. 

This is a long run and right now everybody is interested in everybody. Russ is already drawing a lot of attention and if the Broncos decide to go for him, they could get a very good player to lead their offense.