Super Bowl LVI will take place on February 13 at 6:30 PM (ET) at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. The big game will be played like the other games of the regular season and the playoffs, four quarters of 15 minutes that are equivalent to two halves of 60 minutes each.

Officially an NFL game lasts 60 minutes, but with stoppages and commercial breaks football games can last longer than normal. In College Football the games are shorter but last for hours due to timeout interruptions and restarts.

Super Bowl time is enough for both teams' offenses to do whatever it takes to win the game during each valuable possession. In the event that the game ends in a tie during regular time, the teams play unfair overtime.

What time does the Super Bowl LVI end?

The game ends at approximately 9:30 PM (ET) since the average duration of an NFL game is 3 hours. The more dominant a team is after taking the lead during the game the faster the game will go but that won't stop the Super Bowl from ending 3 hours after it started. 

Every minute of the Super Bowl from play one offers fans in the stadium and online viewers exciting moments, and the best plays within the red zone are usually the ones that get the most attention.