The NFL is not for everyone. Apart from the talent, effort and commitment required to perform at the elite football level, the pressure that each team and every member of any organization in the competition have to deal with is huge.  

Not everybody is capable of dealing with such a demanding atmosphere and to deliver the expected outputs. And mistakes are rarely accepted. That's why one gets used to see how much coaches are being sacked per season. The Jaguars, Jets, Falcons, Chargers, Lions, Eagles and Texans gave that example in the last season.

Every year there will be winning and losing teams. It's part of the sport. And that includes the changing of plans if things aren't going well. Last season, there were several teams that fired their coaches to start over again for the following season. Here we'll take a look into the new NFL head coaches for the 2021 season.

Urban Meyer - Jacksonville Jaguars

After an extremely disappointing 1-15 season, the Jags really needed to make serious decisions. Doug Marrone was fired early in 2021, as the team from Florida started to look towards a new beginning. A few days later from firing Marrone, the new leader was appointed. 

Urban Meyer came out of retirement to embrace his first experience in the NFL. He had a long and successful career working as a college football head coach. Meyer clinched the National Championship three times and has an impressive 187-32 record, the third-highest in college football. He'll be back at Florida, where he triumphed with the Gators, but to compete at the elite level. 

Robert Saleh - New York Jets

The Jets were almost as bad as the Jaguars last season. They only got one more win than Jacksonville, and still finished with a poor 2-14 record, the second worst in the league. 

Adam Gase was fired right after that dreadful regular season finished. Aiming to change such a bad performance, they decided to give the opportunity to Robert Saleh, who worked exclusively at the defensive side until now. 

His latest work at San Francisco 49ers as defensive coordinator is one of the highest points in his resume, taking into account that the Giants made all the way through the Super Bowl in 2019. The Jets are relying on a young person who worked mostly on the defensive until now to make his first impression at the primary coaching role. 

Arthur Smith - Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons neither had a year to remember as they finished at the bottom of NFC South. That 4-12 record had consequences and Arthur Smith was the chosen one to become Atlanta's new HC. 

Smith, only 38-years-old, will have a huge task facing his first head-coaching experience in the NFL at a young age. He climbed positions up to this moment, though. He served as an assistant to the Tenessee Titans up to the point of becoming the offensive coordinator in 2019. After being behind of those brilliants plays executed by Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry, he got an important promotion in the NFL.

Brandon Staley - Los Angeles Chargers

Another guy who will have his first time as an NFL head coach in 2021 will be Brandon Staley. Former defensive coordinator at Los Angeles Rams, he won't have to travel far away as the Chargers hired him. With the Offensive Rookie of the Year 2020 on his roster, QB Justin Herbert, Staley has work to do to improve last year's 7-9 finish from the Bolts.

Dan Campbell - Detroit Lions

Dan Campbell was Miami Dolphins interim head coach in 2015 (Getty).

Detroit went for an experienced man in football's top level, despite he's not mainly known for serving as a head coach. In 1999, Dan Campbell started his path on the NFL when he was selected on the third-round of the Draft. Since then, he had a long career in the league.

After his retirement in 2009, Campbell inmediatly started to work at the Miami Dolphins, were he was the interim head coach in 2015. Then he returned to New Orleans to work as assistant head coach & tight ends coach before being brought in by Detroit. 

Nick Sirianni - Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles had to make a tough decision when preparing the 2021 season. The year before, the team have struggled and finished at the lowest position of the NFC East, even though their competitors weren't fine either. 

That ended with the firing of Doug Pederson, who led the franchise to its first Super Bowl victory in 2017 season. If Phillie released such an important figure, its because they can't wait for a turnaround to their performances.

Nick Sirianni, who worked at diverse positions with the offensive at Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers and as the offensive coordinator at Indianapolis Colts, was appointed to become the new Eagles head coach. 

David Culley - Houston Texans

One of the most disappointing teams of the season probably were the Texans. The franchise traded away one important player such as DeAndre Hopkins and then failed to have a good record despite counting with a superb QB like Deshaun Watson, who now also looks set to leave as he is not satisfied.

Anyways, there was a change of leadership and David Culley will be Houston's head coach in 2021. Culley has a lot of experience working at the NFL, although not at head-coaching. However, he's been in the league since 1994 and featured as a wide receivers coach for a long time in Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and Kansas City, where he was promoted to assistant head coach. Culley served at that same position for Baltimore Ravens in the last two seasons.

Urban Meyer, Robert Saleh, Arthur Smith, Brandon Staley, Dan Campbell, Nick Sirianni, and David Culley will be the new NFL head coaches in 2021.