Szymon Marciniak from Poland stole part of the show in the Qatar 2022 World Cup final between Argentina and France at Lusail Stadium. The 41-year old made a lot of controversial calls which impacted the outcome of the game and that's why thousands of French fans are even asking for the match to be repeated. 

Szymon Marciniak was the first Polish referee ever in charge of the tournament's final. He became international in 2011 and this was his second World Cup experience. Furthermore, Marciniak has refereed in the UEFA Euro, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup.

Considering his perfomance in the Qatar 2022 World Cup final, the attacks just kept coming against Szymon Marciniak and the referee just had enough. The referee spoke for the first time since that epic game and had a very polemic answer for France and their fans. 

What did referee Szymon Marciniak say after the World Cup final?

One of the calls which triggered anger throughout France was the goal by Lionel Messi during extra time for the 3-2. When Messi shot, many players from the bench of Argentina where on the field. According to the rules, that situation might have been enough for the referee to invalidate the play.

However, Szymon Marciniak answered to France claiming that one of the goals scored by Kylian Mbappe was exactly the same situation. The World Cup final referee had very strong words for those who have criticized his performance during the match claiming that he favored Argentina

"What was the impact of the players who came of the bench and enter the field? To invalidate the goal, it should have affected the game itself. The French didn't mention the photo where we can see there are seven players on the field when Mbappe scored." Marciniak said all this while he was holding his cell phone with the image of the play according to a report from TVP Sport.