On Thursday, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi played on the same field together for what may be the last time, as Paris Saint-Germain trounced a Riyadh All-Star squad in Saudi Arabia. The initial date for this collision was 2020, however, it was pushed back because of Covid-19 and other circumstances. Ronaldo scored twice to tie the game at 2-2 after Messi got things rolling.

Since both players were taken off the field at around the 60-minute mark, the game may have been the final time they ever competed against one another. Despite PSG's 5-4 victory, the clash was very exciting from start to finish, and the two teams were spotted hugging after the final whistle.

Recently, the Portuguese legend emphasized his admiration for Messi by saying that, when their playing careers are over, he hopes to meet the 35-year-old: "Why not? I will do it for sure. I will do it. A debate, as Maradona and Pele did. No problem. I'm a good person. I know. I have a good heart."

Who should have won the 2021 Ballon d'Or as per Cristiano Ronaldo?

Despite their mutual respect for one another, it is well-documented that the Portuguese did not respond warmly to Messi's 2021 capture of his seventh Ballon d'Or. Previously, Cristiano Ronaldo had endorsed accusations from a fan on social media, claiming the Argentina captain stole the precious award from Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski in 2021 in a 'shameful' situation for everybody concerned, as it was described.

In spite of being a finalist, the 37-year-old received 435 fewer votes than his Paris Saint-Germain adversary, who eventually won the award against the strong favorite, Lewandowski. A fan account named "Cristiano Ronaldo - The Legendary" posted on Instagram, and the superstar himself responded, expressing his displeasure with the Argentine forward's victory.

The post outlined Ronaldo's 2021 accomplishments before arguing that Messi's award was completely undeserved. The current Al-Nassr ace commented, "Facts," with a thumbs-up emoji, indicating that he agreed with the arguments stated in the post and was not hesitant to voice his agreement publicly.