This year has not been very kind to Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester United's forward is struggling both in his club and in the national team. But after a bad game with Portugal, he was severely criticized by the fans and his sister appeared to defend him from the "sick" critics.

With Qatar 2022 just around the corner, it is uncertain if Cristiano Ronaldo will live up to the expectations with Portugal. Individually, he's not a starter in Erik ten Hag's squad at Manchester United and there are a lot of doubts regarding his shape for the FIFA World Cup.

As if it was not enough, with Portugal is a similar situation. Cristiano Ronaldo is the team's captain, but he has not been able to be decisive when wearing the national colors, so he has been severely criticized by the fans due to his performances.

Katia Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo's sister, slams Portuguese fans and called them "ungrateful"

In the last game of the 2022 UEFA Nations League group stage, Portugal faced Spain at Braga Stadium. Unfortunately for them, a late goal by Alvaro Morata gave the victory to the visitors. Cristiano Ronaldo instantly received all the critics as fans think he has not done so much for his national team lately.

Through her Instagram account, Katia Veiro, Cristiano Ronaldo's sister, posted a story supporting her brother. She called Portuguese fans ungrateful for what they are doing to Manchester United's forward, forgetting the best moments they lived recently thanks to him.

"He has his family and those who love him by his side. They will always be by his side, no matter what," wrote the 44-year-old about Cristiano Ronalo. "But the current times don't surprise me at all. The Portuguese spit on the plate they eat [from], it has always been that way. That's why when someone appears from the ashes and changes mentalities, it bothers... With you always, my king. Calm down.

"It is cruel. And it was already so much, but so much that he gave and gives. The one sitting is called Cristiano Ronaldo and he is just the best player in the world," added Katia Aveiro.