The moment we've been waiting for is just around the corner. Qatar 2022 gets underway in less than two months, which is why the World Cup fever is sky-high. The September break is over, so the next international window will already bring the highly anticipated tournament.

The stage is already set, all 32 qualified teams found out months ago how their journey will start and soon will have to submit the final rosters. In the meantime, the World Cup uniforms of every national team were revealed.

Though there are many beautiful designs, the Denmark kit stands out for sending two messages. Hummel, who provide their jerseys, released a statement explaining the designs are not only a tribute to the Euro 92 winning team but also as a sign of protest against Qatar.

Hummel reveal Denmark 'protest' World Cup kits for Qatar 2022

"With the Danish national team’s new jerseys, we wanted to send a dual message. They are not only inspired by Euro 92, paying tribute to Denmark’s greatest football success, but also a protest against Qatar and its human rights record," Hummel said in a statement.

"That’s why we’ve toned down all the details for Denmark’s new World Cup jerseys, including our logo and iconic chevrons. We don’t wish to be visible during a tournament that has cost thousands of people their lives. We support the Danish national team all the way, but that isn’t the same as supporting Qatar as a host nation. We believe that sport should bring people together. And when it doesn’t, we want to make a statement. #HistoryIsWhatWeDoNow."

On top of that, the supplier also designed a black uniform as Denmark's third uniform to "mourn" the lives lost during the construction of stadiums for the Qatar World Cup.

"The colour of mourning. The perfect colour for Denmark's third shirt for this year’s World Cup.
While we support the Danish national team all the way, this shouldn’t be confused with support for a tournament that has cost thousands of people their lives. We wish to make a statement about Qatar’s human rights record and its treatment of the migrant workers that have built the country’s World Cup stadiums,"
the brand said in another post.