Lionel Messi will not resign with Barcelona, let it sink in, the 34-year-old Argentine and the Catalan club could not work out a new deal to keep him at the club he has played for, for over 21 years. According to reports the contract talks broke down due to how the deal was structured.

According to ESPN, Messi’s camp was not satisfied with the commission payments of the deal and there were issues with the new contract falling in line with Spanish La Liga regulations. Throw in that a source confirmed that Messi, who has been on vacation in Miami, the Dominican Republic, and Ibiza the last few weeks, was not really satisfied with how Barcelona plan to tackle the new season on the field.

Barcelona then issued a statement announcing that Messi will not return this season and speculation as to where Messi will end up has begun to circulate around the world. While a long shot, due to Argentina’s World Cup hopes, if you’re Don Garber or the MLS owners you need to get on the phone quick and make a call that could change the game in the United States forever! Here are 4 excellent destinations for Lionel Messi in Major League Soccer. Dreaming doesn’t cost anything!

Possible destinations in MLS for Lionel Messi


Major League Soccer has longed for one of the New York teams to be a flagship team in MLS, and since their inception NYCFC has been the club to consistently be on the cusp of great things. Unfortunately, NYCFC has 3 DPs, but when has that ever-stopped MLS before playing by the rules? The biggest obstacle is NYCFC is owned by the City Group, who would much prefer to see Messi in Manchester City colors, but maybe the Yankees could use their pull and convince the City Group that big contract would be better served in MLS and the New York market. Messi in New York, the best player deserves to be in the best city!

Los Angeles Galaxy

AEG has spent the money before, and MLS has looked sideways in the past. The bland LA Galaxy have all three DP spots taken but come on, having Messi and Chicharito on the same team is just too mouthwatering to say no to.


Staying in Los Angeles, and being within the guidelines, why not LAFC? Bob Bradley needs a game changer, who else but Lionel Messi? With a who’s who ownership group and the city of lights, Messi would fit right in at LAFC. Vela, Rossi, and Messi what an offense.

Inter Miami

Messi doesn’t need Inter Miami, if anything he should run as far away from that club, but David Beckham and Inter Miami need him. Messi owns property in Miami, and we’re certain the ownership group at Miami can come up with a great deal, but really, Messi deserves way better in MLS than Inter Miami.