Inter Miami needs to take care of its financial status. David Beckham's team has been fined by MLS in May 2021 because the signing of French World Cup Champion Blaise Matuidi broke budget rules. So, since then, it was necessary to unload its roster's salary, and the solution was not so complicated to find thanks to Rodolfo Pizarro.

According to Miami Herald's reporter Michelle Kaufman, the chosen one to relieve Inter Miami's economic pain is its Mexican designated player that has not had the desired impact in the pitch in the two seasons. Pizarro is close to being loaned to his former Liga MX team, Rayados de Monterrey.

This off-season move is desired by the 3 parts involved in it: the Herons will stop paying the $3.35 million yearly salary of Pizarro; the Mexican international may receive the minutes in the pitch he needs to convince Tata Martino to include him in el Tri squad in Qatar 2022 World Cup, and Rayados will count on a player that helped the team to conquer its last Liga MX. 

What is Rodolfo Pizarro willing to do to facilitate his return to Mexico with Monterrey? 

With TUDN information, it has been leaked out that one of the troubles Rayados had to bring Pizarro back to Liga MX was his salary. But, the still Inter Miami's player will was decisive to find a solution: he accepted to reduce the amount he annually receives. 

From the $3.35 million he has touched during his stay in MLS, Rodolfo Pizarro will get only the 30 percent, however, he could be closer to his loved ones. The Joker had stated in several occasions that one of the main reasons he could not reach his peak in Miami was the absence of his family: “I had personal issues I dealt with, the injury…I didn’t have my family nearby, so that affected me".

The very possible Pizarro's loan to Rayados could have been announced in the previous days when Rodolfo posted an intriguing message on his Twitter account that caused rumors about his return to Mexico. If the transfer is confirmed, the Mexican player would be leaving Inter Miami with just 7 goals in 46 games played in two seasons.