One of the goals of a lifetime of soccer fans is to attend, or better yet, be part of a FIFA World Cup. A whole month where everything else stops to let the world turn around a soccer ball, as it will happen in Qatar 2022. Fortunately, not only professional players, coaches, and executives can be part of this tournament. There is another way to join them and not have to spend any money: to enroll as a volunteer

From November 20 to December 18 there will be plenty of action to enjoy as 64 matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be held. However, behind the scenes, many hands will be needed to support the structure of FIFA's main event and give the fans the best experience possible. 

This is when the volunteers come to the stage. Real soccer fans committed to the FIFA World Cup whose main seek is to take part in a World-Class event as this is, as Qatar 2022 will be. So get ready to discover what to do to be an active member, a key part of soccer's main tournament.

Becoming a volunteer of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Currently, there are two programs to be one of the volunteers of the upcoming Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. One has been launched by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy of the host country; the other one is the traditional FIFA program.

Both will be focused on supporting different areas of the structure of Qatar 2022 and pretend to include soccer fans from all around the world to create a unique global experience for those who will attend the tournament for leisure or work. 

The local Volunteer Program to be part of Qatar 2022

So far, this program has recruited 449,819 people (up to February 2022). It is open to individuals from all around the globe, not only residents. Also, there are no specific requirements of the educational level or profession for the applicants. However, there are areas of expertise that could represent an advantage to be chosen: communication, leadership, language, teamwork, and engagement skills, among others.

This Volunteer Program contemplates people aged 16 and above to help the host country to be prepared before and during the tournament for offering a great FIFA World Cup. The main roles are "supporting events and projects in spectator services, hospitality, marketing, catering, transportation, workforce management, and other areas", as it is said on the official website of the program.

As the meaning of the word says it by itself, the Volunteers will not receive monetary compensation for their participation. Nevertheless,  Qatar's Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy offers one meal for every eight-hour shift; two if the shift is longer.

The recruitment process for this program includes these steps: submit an application, record an introductory video, and book a group online interview. If the applicant is selected there would be a role offered to accept, training to receive, a shift to select, and uniforms and accreditation to collect.

You can start your process here. Several data and personal information must be provided such as full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, country of residence, mobile phone, email,  and identification document. A password must be created to log in.

Qatar 2022 FIFA's Volunteer Programme

The traditional Volunteer program that is launched for every tournament organized by FIFA. This one is open for people aged 18 and above. The registration process is similar to the one of the Qatari Committee. An application must be submitted online on the following website.

There, an account must be created by providing an email and creating a password. Then, a confirmation message will be received with a link to be clicked to continue with the process. The next step is to fulfill your profile. Here, you have to provide three different kinds of data: personal information, official documents, education, and experience. 

The FIFA Volunteer Programme platform includes a dashboard where the Qatar 2022 Volunteer Programme can be chosen. From there, there are several steps to be taken to reach the goal. The very first of them is to fulfill the application form.

In the application form, a statement of truth must be filled first. Then, the following data must be provided: nationality, country of residence, full name, date of birth, gender, current employment situation, and a profile photo. The latter is required with specifics features:

-High quality, passport-style, color photo with a clear view of the face and eyes (black and white or blurry photos will not be accepted)

-Neutral expression, facing straight at the camera

-Scanned images must be high quality and clear

-The background must be of a neutral, single color (white, light grey)

-The photo must be in either jpeg, jpg, or png format and must not exceed 4MB

Also, the following personal data must be provided: passport, driving license details (if a driving role is desired), mobile phone, address details, emergency contact, health information, COVID-19 vaccination information, qualification details, language details (English is a must; Arabic is a plus), skills, work and volunteer experience, and availability.

If your profile and application form is approved, you will be able to continue in the next stages of the process: take on the trials, interview, role offer, tournament time, uniform & accreditation, training, shift selection. FIFA offers to all the selected volunteers "a limited-edition Adidas uniform along with a meal during their shift and free access to public transport".

Good luck!