Robert Lewandowski had successfully filled the shoes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in 2020, when he took over their dominance as the world's best players - asides from Luka Modric's recognition in 2018 - and went on to have an incredible campaign with Bayern Munich. The striker finally earned much more praise after being a bit underrated in the previous years, and he is one of the main stars on the planet right now.

At 32 years of age, the Pole continues to perform at the highest level. He scored 43 goals in 37 appearances in the current campaign. Despite it won't be able to retain its UEFA Champions League crown, his team is walking towards a new Bundesliga title for the ninth straight year. However, the Bavarians are facing big changes for the next season.

David Alaba and Jerome Boateng's contracts are set to expire in June, enabling them to move anywhere else as free agents. Besides, Hans Dieter-Flick will step down at the end of this term as well, with Julian Nagelsmann already confirmed to take over. Lewandowski could be on the move too: it was reported that his agent intends to push for a transfer this summer unless his player's contract receives an upgrade.

Premier League looks like a possible destination for Lewandowski

As reported by the German newspaper BILD, the striker's agent, Pini Zahavi, would be ready to claim Bayern's board to either hand Robert Lewandowski a better deal or negotiate him to a club that meets his salary demands.

That new possible candidate could be inside the Premier League, where many teams have shown interest in him previously. Besides, who wouldn't be eager to bring in such a goalscoring machine who is performing at his peak? Many giants from all over the continent were linked to the Pole star in the last years.

Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester United, and Chelsea were some of those. The two English sides could be possible candidates if he decides to leave, as both need a No. 9 and would be able to afford the signing.

However, the Bavarians aren't in a hurry to sell their goalscoring machine as his contract still has a couple of years left, expiring in 2023. But refusing to take care of his agents' demands wouldn't be a smart move. Bayern's board could either satisfy the player by handing him a better contract, or they could listen to offers at the end of the season and let him leave for a good amount of cash.

According to Transfer Markt, Robert Lewandowski's market value is $66 million. For interested teams, it means a real bargain for such a world-class goalscorer, while for his current club, it would also be a great income taking into account his 32 years of age (which will turn 33 in August).

For that kind of money, it would make much more sense for Bayern to consider a transfer rather than resisting until he leaves for free. Meanwhile, he won't be short of offers, as any club would be delighted to have him. Needless to say, many Premier League and other European teams have the budget to go for Lewandowski.