The September international break has brought us an exciting South American 2022 World Cup Qualifiers triple-fixture that didn't lack in drama with the Premier League clubs refusing to release their players.

As we've seen, the four Argentina players traveled anyway and faced a conflictive situation in Brazil with the local health authorities invading the pitch, forcing the game to be postponed.

That episode aside, it's been a fantastic international break for South American soccer enthusiasts, who can't wait for the next fixture. Here, check out when the Conmebol World Cup Qualifying will resume.

Conmebol 2022 World Cup Qualifiers: Date of Matchday 11, 5, and 12

Just like it happened in the latest international window, the South American World Cup Qualifiers will be back with a triple-fixture in October. This is to make up for the postponed games corresponding to Matchday 5, which were halted after the pandemic outbreak.

Matchday 11 (October 7, Time TBD)

Paraguay vs. Argentina
Ecuador vs. Bolivia
Peru vs. Chile
Uruguay vs. Colombia
Venezuela vs. Brazil

Matchday 5 (October 10, Time TBD)

Bolivia vs. Peru
Venezuela vs. Ecuador
Colombia vs. Brazil
Argentina vs. Uruguay
Chile vs. Paraguay

Matchday 12 (October 14, Time TBD)

Colombia vs. Ecuador
Chile vs. Venezuela
Brazil vs. Uruguay
Bolivia vs. Paraguay
Argentina vs. Peru