March Madness is the period when every college basketball fan stays tuned from the very beginning until the end. Part of that is to watch good games, although the main reason might be to witness those rare upset results. That’s what makes a lot of people wonder what is the lowest seed to ever win the women’s NCAA tournament.

This draw doesn’t have every N°1 seed after surprising scores. It’s not like in the men’s tournament where there aren’t any top seeded alive, but there were still shocking performances. The second round saw two teams with this status go home way earlier than expected.

Stanford were eliminated by Ole Miss 54-49, though just one day later another unexpected outcome took place. On March 20, Miami defeated Indiana 70-68 to advance to the Sweet 16 round. That left only two top seeded competitors in the bracket.

What is the lowest seeded team to win the women's NCAA tournament?

In the Elite Eight round of March Madness 2023 there are two remaining universities with the N°1 seed remaining. South Carolina will be playing against Maryland, and the other top team is Virginia Tech clashing with Ohio State.

The lowest seed to ever win the women’s NCAA tournament is 3rd. That shows how hard it is to find an unexpected champion, also considering it only happened twice. North Carolina won the title in 1994 and Tennessee did it in 1997.

What is the lowest seed to reach the NCAA Championship game?

The number here increases a bit, although it is still not that unexpected. The lowest seed to reach the women’s NCAA Championship game is 5th. It was seen just once with the Louisville Cardinals achieving that feat in 2013.

What is the lowest seed to make it to the Final Four?

Taking it one round back the chance for a surprise increases. The lowest seed to make it to the Final Four is 9th. The Arkansas Razorbacks reached the semifinals of the women’s NCAA tournament in 1998 before they lost to N°1 seeded Tennessee.