Even though old-school basketball was great, most people could argue that today's NBA players are better. It's not a matter of talent but at least in terms of the way they prepare their bodies to perform at a high level.

That, combined with the fact that players make the league at a younger age nowadays and that the game is played at a higher pace, makes it more likely for them to break and set new records and marks.

That's why it's so common to see players piling up stats and racking triple-doubles night in and night out. Back in the day, however, that wasn't that normal, and just a handful of players could fill the stat sheet night in and night out.

Today, we're going to honor those versatile guys that could do a little bit of everything, letting you know about the top 5 players with the most triple-doubles (games with 10+ points, rebounds, assists, steals, or blocks in 3 stat categories) in NBA history.

Top 5 Players With The Most Triple-Doubles In NBA History

5. LeBron James - 99

LeBron James. (Getty)

LeBron James is one of the most versatile players in the history of the game so it's not a surprise to see him here. He redefined the concept of a point forward thanks to his ability to create for others despite not being a point guard, and his size and strength have always given him an edge on the boards. LeBron has the basketball IQ of a guard, the body of a forward, and can do it all on both ends of the floor.

4. Jason Kidd - 107

Jason Kidd. (Getty)

Jason Kidd is one of the best pure point guards ever. He was a pass-first kind of guy, a player that would put his body on the line and take a beating to secure a defensive rebound and an extension of the coach right there on the hardwood. To be honest, it seemed like rebounding and passing came easier and more natural to him than scoring.

3. Magic Johnson - 138

Magic Johnson. (Getty)

Magic Johnson took the Los Angeles Lakers to the top of the world during the Showtime era. He's the flashiest passer and the most skilled point guard in NBA history, and his combination of size and skills made him the ultimate one-through-five player. He could play and guard every spot on the court, and that gave him a huge edge when it came to rebounding. you don't find many 6'9'' point guards out there.

2. Russell Westbrook - 166

Russell Westbrook. (Getty)

Russell Westbrook gets a lot of criticism for the way he plays the game but you just can't deny his passion and skills. He could take every player in the world one-on-one, and he's the greatest rebounding guard of all time. We're taking him for granted but he'll finish his career as the all-time leader in triple-doubles, and is the only player to average a triple-double in multiple seasons. That's not as easy as it sounds.

1. Oscar Robertson - 181

Oscar Robertson. (Getty)

Oscar Robertson was the first player to ever average a triple-double for a full season. He made the most of his strength and hops to dominate both sides of the glass, and he was always the most aggressive player on the hardwood. His playmaking skills and basketball IQ were off the roof, and he just could fill up the stat sheet as no other player could. His versatility and grind on both ends of the floor made him one of the most underrated players of all time.