For two decades, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick put together the most dominant dynasty in the National Football League. They won six Super Bowl rings on nine tries together and there wasn't a year when they weren't a legit threat to make the ultimate stage.

Nonetheless, even the greatest things have to come to an end, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't surprising to see Brady eventually leaving the New England Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Rumors claimed that Brady had grown tired of Belichick's approach and that he felt underappreciated. Needless to say, people started taking sides on the dispute and debating whether Brady made the Patriots great or if he was just a system quarterback.

Tom Brady Throws Some Shade At Bill Belichick, Lauds Bruce Arians

So, after winning yet another Super Bowl on a completely different system and with another team, it's clear that Tom Brady silenced his critics. That's why he may have taken a little jab at his former coach when talking about his current boss, Bruce Arians:

“He’s a great motivator — he’s got a great feel for the team — a great pulse for what’s going on in a locker room, great intuition, great evaluation of talent. When you’re in one place for 20 years, you think that’s the only way, and I think when you go to a different place you realize, ‘wow — there’s another way that people do things," Brady said during an interview for Good Morning America.

There were some rumors about an alleged rift between Arians and Brady this season as well but it seemed like they got along just fine at the end. As for the New England Patriots, they're still struggling to find a suitable replacement for the greatest player in franchise history.