Swedish company Betsson have partnered with Big Bola Casinos to bring online betting to Mexico both groups announced on April 12, 2021. Big Bola Casinos will provide all their local market know how to launch Betsson Mexico by the end of the year. Betsson will offer online Casino and Sportsbook as its initial products.

Betsson CEO Jesper Svensson said in a press release, “This is yet another expansion into the LatAm region which we see so much potential in. As we have done in Brazil, Colombia, and the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, we are teaming up with a local partner that lives and breathes the local culture.” Emilio Quiros, Director of Operations for Big Bola, echoed the thought saying, “We are happy that Betsson Group has chosen to partner with us for their operations in Mexico. We believe that our market expertise and their knowledge and experience about online gaming will result in an outstanding product for Mexico.”

Recently Svensson sat down with SBC’s Global Relationships Director Kelly Kehn and discussed the partnership and the brands presence in Latin America. “We have been in Latin America for a long time. In some countries, we have had a bit of an advantage, so now we are trying to accelerate our growth in those areas and maintain a solid position in the region”, Sevensson said.

Betsson looks to grow in Latin America

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Recently the Betsson Group reduced its presence in the heavily congested United Kingdom and began to place its view in Latin America as a region where the company can grow. "We are focusing a lot on Latin America, we see a lot of opportunities there," Svensson told Kehn in their live chat. "We are seeing very strong growth in this region and we look forward to seeing it in the coming years," Svensson stated.

Betsson is hoping that the brand can crack the Mexico and LATAM markets through their sportsbook, the sports culture will be key in Betsson’s expansion in the region. The brand has already reached an agreement with the Peruvian first division.

These topics will be at the heart of the discussion of the next SBC Digital Conference on June 9th and 10th in the middle of the year.