Villarreal will face Manchester United in the grand UEFA Europa League FInal on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 3:00 PM (ET) at the Gdańsk Stadium in Poland. Manchester United had a more difficult road to get to the final, having already beaten two Spanish sides, Real Sociedad and Granada, as well as two Italian clubs, Milan, and Roma in the Semi-Finals. Villarreal, on the other hand, defeated Salzburg, Dynamo Kyiv, Dinamo Zagreb, and eventually shocked Arsenal to set up a meeting with yet another Premier League outfit.

For the Yellow Submarine, it is their first Europa League, and in fact, their only European final in the history of the club. For the Red Devils, it is their second UEL final, and a total of seventh European final, including the five Champions League culminating games. The last time United won the Europa League was in 2017 when they were the better side from the Ajax matchup.

There are various betting options in the Europa League, and each has its own variables. It is important to understand how these variables work and it will help you decide to place your bet. This guide will help beginners understand how to bet on those betting options, how to read soccer odds, and which type of betting option may be the safer choice in your wager as we continue our series of Sports Betting and how to bet on each soccer league and competition.

Villarreal vs Manchester United Moneyline Bet

Gerard Moreno of Villarreal celebrates with teammates. (Getty)

A moneyline bet in soccer is basically who of the two clubs you feel will win the matchup outright. Odds are placed for each team and based on your pick, you will receive a payout. For example:

Villarreal +390
Tie +240
Manchester United -125

* Odds by FanDuel

So if you bet on Manchester United to win at $100, you would be paid out $80, your original bet plus the winnings. If you bet on the underdogs Villarreal to win, you would win your bet plus $390 in winnings, but if you expect the final to go into extra time, the payout would be $240.

Villarreal vs Manchester United Correct Score line

Paul Pogba of Manchester United celebrates with teammates. (Getty)

If picking the flat-out winner is not your cup of tea, then picking the correct score line could be right ideal for you. FanDuel believe that a 0-1 result in favor of Manchester United is paying out a +500, while a 1-0 Villarreal win pays out a whopping +1200. The key to correct score line bets is to study each team and the oddsmakers to get the best chances of a healthy payout.

Which team will score first is also a good option to win some cash early in the match and all three sportsbooks have some good picks, FanDuel have the best odds, if Villarreal score first it will pay out +420. While if the English club end up being the better side in the first half, then the bettor would win +135 on their bet.

1-0   +950 0-0   +800 0-1   +525
2-1   +1300 1-1   +550 1-2   +750
2-0   +2000 2-2   +1500 0-2   +700

* Odds by DraftKings

Bet on who might score during the Europa League Final

Edinson Cavani of Manchester United celebrates after scoring. (Getty)

One of the most prolific European strikers, Edinson Cavani is paying out a healthy +430 if he scores the first or last goal of the final for Man Utd over at DraftKings. Meanwhile, betting that Villarreal hero and one of Europa League's best goalscorers this season, Paco Alcacer nets the first goal in the clash pays +800.

If you are willing to go for more interesting bets, you could go for the option Bruno Fernandes to score and give an assist, which is at +900. DraftKings even offer a bet where you can guess which player would score with his right foot, where Villarreal's Gerard Moreno has the odds of incredible +1600.

Gerard Moreno   +650 Edinson Cavani   +430
Paco Alcacer   +800 Bruno Fernandes   +460
Fernando Niño   +850 Anthony Martial   +575

* Odds by DraftKings

We hope this article was helpful in understanding the different types of UEFA Europa League Final betting options. It is important to become familiar with each before you start betting on parlays for example.