Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are getting ready to make some big bucks in a rematch nobody really wanted. In their first fight Floyd Mayweather defeated the overwhelmed MMA fighter by TKO in round 10 and was ahead in each of the judges’ scorecards, 87–83, 89–82, and 89–81.

Many analysts praised the attention the fight gave boxing but did little to promote the sport beyond that as McGregor was no match for the in-ring experience of Mayweather. Now almost five years later the two are ready to get in the ring once more for a pay-day that could see the gross end up in the $1 billion range.

According to Fight Hype the rematch is in discussions with Conor McGregor going on Instagram and stating that the deal could be done soon. Mayweather on the other hand is reported as “securing another nine-figure payday."

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather rematch?

What could come from a rematch other than a major pay-day for both is still up in the air, McGregor has only fought one boxing match, the loss to Mayweather, and is on a two-fight losing streak in MMA and loser of 3 of his last four fights.

Mayweather continues to hold a 50-0 official boxing record but has been fighting in exhibitions and his last “official” fight was against McGregor in 2017. Mayweather did fight YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul in 2021 in an eight round no decision, and talks of a potential rematch are also ongoing despite the fact that Paul has called out Mayweather for not paying him between 2-5 million dollars which he is still owed for the fight.