Hasim Rahman Jr. is facing the opportunity of a lifetime: facing Jake Paul can give him the notoriety he has lacked so far in a 5-year boxing career. Curious phenomenon because Paul also needed an opponent like Rahman Jr, and finally he will have it on August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Fortune knocked on Hasim's door after Tommy Fury, British boxer, brother of current WBC World Heavyweight Champion Tyson, 23 years old with an 8-0-0 record, withdrew from his fight with Jake Paul due to immigration issues that prevented him from entering the United States. 

So, at last Jake Paul will have the opportunity to prove to his detractors and haters that his boxing venture is more than just an attempt to steal the media spotlight thanks to one of the most popular sports in the world. Five fights after establishing himself as a professional boxer, all wins, but against a Youtuber, a former basketball player and two Mixed Martial Artists, Paul finally has his true test against Hasim Rahman Jr.

How old is Hasim Rahman Jr.?

Born on June 15 in Baltimore, Maryland, Rahman Jr. is currently 31 years old. He is nicknamed the Gold Blooded thanks to coming from a family with a boxing legacy. He is still very young in biological matters, however, for boxing he is on that fine line between veteran and prime.

Who is Hasim Rahman Jr. father?

His father, Hasim Rahman Sr. was a professional boxer for 20 years, his nickname The Rock was legitimized over the course of 62 fights, of which he won 59, lost 9, drew 2 and scored 1 no contest. Rahman Sr. was unified World Heavyweight Champion after taking the WBC and IBF belts from the great Lennox Lewis in 2001.

How heavy is Hasim Rahman Jr.?

Jake Paul's opponent has spent his entire boxing career in the Heavyweight division. Thus, the highest weight he has ever weighed is 264 pounds, while his lightest version was just in August 2021 when he stopped the scales at 220 pounds. A much higher weight than the Youtuber who has had his 5 fights in professional boxing in the cruiserweight division, that is less than 200 pounds.

How tall is Hasim Rahman Jr.?

The Gold Blooded is not only heavier than Jake Paul, he's also taller. Hasim Rahman Jr. stands 6′ 3″, or 1.91 meters, while Jake Paul is just shy of 6′ 1″. It will be interesting to see how the Youtuber overcomes this obstacle.

What is Hasim Rahman Jr.'s boxing record?

He started his boxing career in 2017, having had enough experience as an amateur (there is talk that he even had more than 100 fights). So, after 5 years as a professional, he has fought 13 fights and his record is 12 wins, one loss, and 6 knockouts. In fact, he lost his undefeated record in his most recent fight, just on April 29, 2022, when James McKenzie Morrison defeated him by TKO in five rounds.

What are Hasim Rahman Jr.'s social media profiles?

Hasim Rahman Jr. is far from the reach that Jake Paul has on social media. On his official Twitter account, (@_HasimRahmanJr) he barely has more than 3,600 followers, to Paul's 4.3 million. While on Instagram, the Gold Blooded has a little more notoriety with 252 thousand followers on his account @hasmrahmanjr. On this social network, Jake Paul has 20.1 million followers.