It was fate. There is no other explanation for Tommy Fury's second failure to make a boxing match with Jake Paul. An action that has media consequences for the British fighter, but also economic, because he said goodbye to a juicy purse.

The fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury was scheduled for August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York, and after the withdrawal of TNT everything is still standing except that the new opponent of The Problem Child will be the also boxer Hasim Rahman Jr.

Rahman Jr. is, at least on the surface, a much tougher opponent than Fury for Jake Paul, as the Brit has more experience, 12-1-0, and is the son of the former World Heavyweight Champion of the same name. Unfortunately, his resume didn't help him get the purse Tommy was going to get.

How much money did Tommy Fury lose by pulling out of his fight with Jake Paul?

Before the August 6 fight in New York between Paul and Fury became official, the Youtuber made public the purse that was guaranteed for the British boxer, which was around $2 million, no doubt a career high... that he let go. 

That same amount, $2 million, was what Jake Paul paid Tyron Woodley in each of his two fights with him, both in 2021, according to Sporting News. The funny thing is that what Tommy Fury won't earn, neither will Hasim Rahman Jr, the Youtuber's new opponent.

How much will Hasim Rahman Jr. earn for fighting Jake Paul?

Social media is the window through which a lot of information is leaked, and once again they fulfilled that task, after Hasim Rahman Jr. assured through a live broadcast on Instagram that he would not earn the same as Tommy Fury, and even than any of the 4 opponents Jake Paul has faced throughout his boxing career.

"He's barely paying me to begin with, so what the f***k I ain't doing this for the money, I'm getting the least amount any Jake opponent ever got, so what are y'all talking about 'he's paying me'? Stop it, stop it, this whole fantasy land you little Jake trolls are living in" stated Rahman according to Mirror.

Thus, the lowest figure earned by a publicly disclosed Jake Paul opponent is the $500,000 earned by former MMA and Welterweight champion Ben Askren, when he was defeated by The Problem Child in April 2021.