The New York Yankees have been one of the most disappointing teams in Major League- Baseball this season. They're far behind in the AL East with the Boston Red Sox leading the division and nothing seems to go their way right now.

Some fans want both Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman gone, and while that seems unlikely, the General Manager should look to make some moves before the deadline to try and salvage this season... or their future.

That's why Alicia de Artola of Fansided put together a trade offer that could give them 3 solid prospects from the Atlanta Braves. Sadly, they'd have to part ways with Aaron Judge to get it done.

Yankees Rumors: The Offer That Could Send Aaron Judge To The Braves

"It’s time for New York to look to the future. They could do that with three of the Braves best prospects in exchange for Judge," the report started.

"Cristian Pache batted .111/.152/.206 in 22 games for the Braves this year, but the centerfielder is just 22 with a bright future ahead of him. He’s No. 1 in Atlanta’s farm system and No. 10 in’s prospect rankings overall. This trade would also involve the Braves top pitching prospect, Kyle Muller. The lefty looked strong in his handful of appearances in 2021, with an ERA of 3.45. Bryce Elder is the Braves’ 11th-best prospect at 22 years old," de Artola continued.

"The bad news for Yankees fans is that trades for top-tier position players of late hardly live up the billing. Look no further than Mookie Betts. Those three would be a sizable haul for the Yankees in terms of future potential. Trading Judge to the Braves would also mean sticking it to the Mets," she concluded.

This trade would be great for the Braves as it would allow them to put the Marcell Ozuna controversy behind them. The Yankees would get rid of an injury-prone player in return for some nice assets for their future, albeit they'd be giving up on arguably their best player.

Whether the Yankees should trade Judge or not is not for us to debate right now. But what's clear is that they need to do SOMETHING. This team is struggling in every way, so even if Cashman doesn't like doing big trades, he may have no choice this time.