The 2022 NBA Draft is just moments away from beginning. The first overall pick is what most NBA fans are waiting for. However, any prospect may surprise everyone in the next 2022-23 NBA season. For example, AJ Griffin has the skill-set and the ability to make to the NBA.

The 18-year-old Duke's freshman is taking his first opportunity to make his way to the NBA. He really wants to have a professional career in the best basketball league in the world. His father also played in the NBA, but he had a different story.

So, maybe the son won't have the pressure as other players with a father who was an NBA Champion, likeShareef O'Neal. However, according to many scouting reports, Griffin has the ability, the physicality and the energy at least be in the consideration. But, the question still remains.

Will AJ Griffin get drafted?

In his only college-level season, Griffin averaged 10 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist in 24 minutes of play. Those aren't bad numbers, but what many reports have said is Griffin has solid athleticism, a very strong frame and a ton of natural talent. This is what makes him a unique player among the prospects

However, one of the most notorious concerns is his explosiveness. Since he suffered multiple injuries through college, Griffin has lost what made him a top candidate at high school level. Although he is still among the top prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft. In fact, AJ Griffin is predicted to be in the top 15 picks in event held at the Barclays Center.