This type of heated situations happens even within the best families. The Golden State Warriors may have won their seventh NBA Championship. However, there are times when a practice drill can turn into a whole new level of situation. This is what happened to Draymond Green and Jordan Poole.

One of the Warriors' veterans Draymond Green is known for his heated reactions, even on live games with the referees. So, it's unthinkable what could happened inside close doors. However, it's also a very random thought when it comes to a fight between two players of the same team. Especially when one of them is Jordan Poole, recently nicknamed as the "Third Splash Brother".

Someone could think that Poole has earned the veterans' respect. However, this situation has escaleted so quickly, that there are rumors about a possible disciplinary action from the Golden State Warriors towards Green. There's released footage of Poole making some shots like nothing happened after the situation. 

Why did Draymond Green and Jordan Poole fight?

According to Shams Charania of the Athletic, "when a heated interaction with guard Jordan Poole escalated, Green forcefully struck Poole and needed to be separated swiftly, sources said. Green and Poole came chest-to-chest, with both players pushing and shoving each other prior to Green’s escalation of the physical altercation, those sources said."

On November 2021, both players had an altercation during a live event, when the Golden State Warriors faced the Chicago Bulls. In that game, Poole said: “For Draymond, just let him get off his chest, he can do all the screaming he wants. I tell him like, bro you can do all the yelling, all the screaming and stuff, but as soon as I hear your point, keep it pushing. Let’s come runny his next play, big bro.” So, this isn't new for neither of them. 

However, the report made by Shams Charania indicates that the Golden State Warriors could be evaluating a possible disciplinary action for the four-time NBA Champion Draymond Green. As Green has a player option for the 2023-24 NBA season, and Poole is eligible for a contract extension following his rookie deal, this could be a major stepback for both team after their championship journey together.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the reason behind Green and Poole fighting, is a change in Poole's attitude. "Draymond Green was apologetic in aftermath of the altercation with Jordan Poole, but there was a buildup stemming from teammates noticing a change in Poole’s behavior throughout camp with the guard on the verge of securing a lucrative extension".