They are back. Four years later, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors won another NBA championship after a couple of quiet seasons. The Dubs got the upper hand over the Celtics in six games to win their fourth title in eight years.

It was not like Steph had anything left to prove, but this ring will be important for his legacy. If there were any doubters out there, Curry made sure of proving them wrong. Not only he put himself level with LeBron James, but he also showed he can succeed without Kevin Durant.

However, another big reason why these Finals will always have a special meaning for Curry is that they brought him his first NBA Finals MVP award. Celebrating after the Warriors' win in Game Six, Steph didn't hide his true feelings after winning the elusive prize.

Stephen Curry emotionally celebrates his first NBA Finals MVP award

“I’ve seen it up close and personal three times,” an emotional Stephen Curry said postgame about his first Finals MVP award. “Now I get to take this one home. I’m trying to be clever and I can’t even be clever.

“This is freaking amazing, man. Keep your head down. Keep working. Keep walking in your purpose, and good things happen. … That is the message right there. And we got four of them.”

Curry played a fantastic series to help his team win the championship. This success could not be explained without him, so naming him MVP was the right thing to do. Now there are even less things left to accomplish for Steph, but he'll try to cross them off his list anyway.