As soon as Kobe Bryant passed away, fans, the media, and even some NBA players started a campaign to make him the new NBA logo, replacing Jerry West. The problem is that the league has never admitted that West is in fact the logo, most likely to avoid paying him for the rights of his silhouette.

And, now that we went through the one-year anniversary of Kobe’s memorial at the STAPLES Center, the campaign is back on track, with Kyrie Irving posting a slightly controversial statement on the matter.

According to Kyrie, the league should change the logo to Kobe Bryant because ‘Black Kings built the league’. While no one can deny his statement, making Kobe’s legacy about race shouldn’t be the way to go.

Kyrie Irving Doubles Down On His Take About Kobe Bryant, NBA Logo

Then again, Irving didn’t shy away from the controversy – as per usual – and double-down on his take following the Brooklyn Nets’ victory over the Orlando Magic, claiming that he exactly what he wanted to say:

“My thing is paying homage to the example that’s been set by that man. Kobe Bryant. Logo. Yes. Needs to happen. I don’t care what anyone says. Black kings built the league. That’s exactly what I meant, it’s exactly where I stand,” Irving told the media, as quoted by SNY Nets.

It’s not a secret that the NBA features mostly black players. They’re always trying to spread awareness, reach out to their communities, and help build a fairer world for minorities and underprivileged people.

The greatest players of all time have been mostly African American and that’s a fact. Then again, out of all the dozens of reasons why you could and should make Kobe Bryant the NBA logo, why talk exclusively about the color of his skin? Would he feel that way if Jerry West were black or Bill Russell was the logo?